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Corn Steep Powder Is an Organic Fertilizer

Issuing time:2024-04-05 16:16

Corn steep powder can not only be used for pharmaceutical fermentation, feed fermentation and other industrial use, but also can be used as natural organic compound fertilizer.

Corn steep powder has rich organic matter content and some beneficial microorganisms, which is beneficial to improve the utilization rate of nutrients and promote the release of soil nutrients. It is the basis of new organic fertilizer.

As an organic compound fertilizer, the main functions are as follows:

1.Provide the nutrients needed by the crops. Organic fertilizers contain nutrients that crops need to grow, and energy continues to feed crops.

2.Improve soil structure, improve soil fertility. Raise soil organic matter content, renew soil humus composition, make soil fertile. Organic fertilizers applied to soil will be decomposed into single compound by microorganisms and recombined into new, more complex and relatively stable soil   specific polymeric organic compounds by biochemical action.

3.Improve soil biological activity and stimulate crop growth. Organic fertilizer is the main source of microbial energy and nutrition. The application of organic fertilizer is beneficial to soil microbial activities and promote crop growth and development. Microbial metabolites contain amino acids, microorganisms, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other inorganic nutrients that have a great impact on the growth and development of plants.

4. Purify the soil environment. Organic fertilizer can increase the replacement of soil cations, increase the adsorption of most heavy metals, effectively reduce the toxicity of heavy metal ions to crops, prevent them from entering plants.

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