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Amino Acid Powder( Plant Source)

Amino Acid Powder( Plant Source)

Brand: Chelation
PH: 4-6
Total amino acids: ≥80%
Total Nitrogen: ≥13%
Product details

Amino Acid Powder

CAS No.:56-86-0

EINECS No.:200-293-7

Our amino acid is plant source, it is obtained from soybean cake and is completely water soluble. Additionally, it provides organic nitrogen in free amino acid form which can be directly used in plant. Amino acid has the advantage that it adheres very well to leaves, because of its high viscosity, and it acts as an organic chelator of certain trace elements. Therefore it is widely used as a foliar fertilizer in combination with other water soluble fertilizers and in combination with almost all commercial plant protection agents to enhance their efficiency.



Light yellow powder
Water Solubility
Total Amino Acid
Total Nitrogen


Range of application :
Use Along, Foliage spray, Drop irrigation,Flood irrigation
Liquid/Powder formulation: Mix with Minerals(Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn, B, Mg,Mo)
Liquid/Powder formulation: Mix with Seaweed/ Humic acid/Biochemical fulvic acid
Liquid/Powder formulation: Mix with NPK


20kg/bag, It can also be customized to your requirements